Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hey Groovy Ghoulies!

So, this past Slaughterday, yer ol' Uncle Eerie and his Creepy Cohorts his the stage of the Hawthorne Theater for a special "teaser" performance of the SHIVER SHOW for the Toxic Zombie CD Release party!

Now - as usual, things were a mite bit...hectic, backstage. Finding body parts, signing death waivers, reanimating's enough to drive a madman madder!

But, finally the curtains were raised, the lights went up, and...


Seriously. We were great.

First up, we had my resident guitar-wailin' accompanist, Swampy Carl, a-strummin' and a-pickin' along. Then after an intro by my troublesome cousin Beau, I came out to an adorin' audience, who whooped and hollered like proper bunch o' maniacs should.

Then our first entertainer, the seductive Miss Devouria hit the stage to mesmerize the audience with her hypnotic bellydancin' ways. The crowd could barely contain their excitement - or their lunch!

By the time she was done the crowd was ready for a proper brainwashin by everyone's favorite Monster professor, Video Phantasmo!

BUUUUUT - before he could make his entrance, a minor issue with ol' Cousin Mongo forced me to momentarily take leave of the stage. And my dear, mischievous Grampa Mortis commandeered the stage. Oh, that sneaky Grampa! He took the opportunity to try his hand as a troubadour! With Swampy Carl on guitar, Grampa crooned his brand of not-so-easy listenin' to the crowd of bewildered youths. His budding musical career came to an abrupt end however, when his pelvic gyrations resulted in a fractured hip. Poor Mortis had to be carried off by Mongo before we could continue the show.

After all the hysteria, it was finally time for a special appearance, and a special treat for the audience - professor Phantasmo Video and his Trivia Of Terror!

Our esteemed Dean Of Screams brought a few goodies with him to offer the crowd. After pullin' a few willing victims from the crowd, Sr. Video proceeded to drill the hapless youths with a series of grueling zombie-related questions. that even the most diehard hard-for-the-dead would have trouble answering.

Finally, all the questions were answer, all the goodies were given out, and Phanstamso left the stage, to return to Parts Unknown from whence he came. The crowd wiped the sweat from brows and thanked the God of their choosing for the mental respite.

Speaking of over-stimulation - it was time for our final performer, and what better way to end the night than with a dose of raw HEXUALITY...??? And who better to deliver than the every dead man's dream - Miss Itty Bitty Bang Bang! She shook, she shimmied, she self-mutilated! The crowd stood, both enthralled and repulsed! By the time she was done, entrails flew, tears flowed, and hearts broke.

And then - that was it!

But trust yer dear Uncle Eerie, folks; if you missed the show, then you missed out, suckas!
All in all, it was a HORROR-bly good time had by all. I just hope Hawthorne Theater knows a decent home remedies for removing blood stains...!

And oh yeah! A few Special Thanks to:

*Shashonna Knecht (who made us all so purty, and took care of all our problems!)
*Toxic Zombie (Fer invitin' us along fer the wild ride!)
*Viktor Maddok (fer being the bestest sound-guy, ever!)
*The Unchained Girls (fer bein' so nice!)
*Dan The Impaler (Fer being a proper Horroregon!)
*The Dark Lord Moloch (our infernal allegiance to you, master!)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More nEWs!

More things on the on' Shiver Show plate: 

*Appearin' alongside my fellow Horror Hosts in the soon-to-be-premierin' music vid-ee-oh for "Blood Shock Kill Rock" by horror-rock maestros Psychocharger!  (Where IS the video, fellers, I can't wait no more...!!!).  It's bound to be straight HORROR-ble!


*A new series of Uncle Eerie comic book shorts are in the works!  Finally, I will be immora-lized in print! 

It's fun to be me, kiddies, yessiree!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Toxic Zombie Horror Show! See me & The Rest Of The Creeps LIVE!

Hey - here's My Commercial!

Forgot it post my Commerical! Where is my brain...? Oh, there it is, fell between the couch cushions!

Anyways - enjoy, fright fiends!