Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fifteen Underrated Horror Films!

1. Near Dark

(Seriously - how is this movie so routinely forgotten about...?!?!? You've got half the cast of "Aliens" playing vampires as modern-day, nomad outlaws. This is a GREAT movie, as good as almost anything the 80's produced. It was also directed by the gal behind "Point Break" and "Hurt Locker"...weeeeiiird.)

2. The Gore-Gore Girls

Regularly ommitted from discussions of HG Lewis' finer works, "Gore Gore Girls" is zany, dark, at time nonsensical, and ultimately one of the Gore-Meister's more enertaining viewings. One scene alone is worth watching... all I'll say is, it involves milk...)

3. The Duel

(Speilberg. Spielberg doing gritty horror. Spielberg doing gritty horror for a made-for-television movie. As weird as this premise is, the result is an awesome, white-knuckle ride, and one of the greatest simple-but-effective premises ever. Highly underrated.)

4. Slither

(James Gunn has had a sporadic career, in terms of quality [Scoony-Doo, anyone...?]. But this, his homage to 80's "Gross-Out" horror films, is spot-on, and HILARIOUS. I really thought this movie would be on the lips of horror fans, Sad. If you haven't seen it, do so - you'll thank me.)

5. Martin

(While one may argue whether this could truly be considered "Horror", what is obvious to your GHOULY is that this film remains George Romero's most underappreciated work. With no easy answers, Martin is the kind of movie you'll find yourself thinking about hours after you've seen it. And nowadays, that's the rarest kind of accomplishment.)

6. The Changeling

(George C. Scott does horror. This movie succeeds in as a slow-burning, spooky horror nearly as well as "Rosemary's Baby" or "The Exorcist", but somehow remains under the radar of many horror fans. B+ )

7. Planet Terror

(I feel like, because it didn't do well at the box office, and because it's conceptual sibling "Deathproof" was such a suprisingly-disappointing piece of boredom, most people disregard this one. Which is a shame - Planet Terror is an over-the-top, action-packed love letter to 70's/80's horror. And not enjoying this is far harder than looking for fault in it.)

8. Lord Of Illusion(Not the BEST of Barker's translations into film, L.O.L. still retains enough of the writer's signature style - sex, magic, mystery, life-after-death, etc. And Scott Backula as the occult P.I. Harry D'Amour proves a very intrguing protaginist. Plus, there are moment of true creepiness. )

9. The Woods

(Have you seen it? No? That's okay - neither has anyone else. Which is a real shame. This tale of witchcraft is Lucky McKee's most "even" film (May was seriously flawed, honestly). Watch it. It has schoolgirls. And Bruce Campbell. You'll like it.)

10. Shiver*

(a really well-made Spanish film that was sadly swept under the rug in the US. It sort of ends in a let-down, but is definitely worth a view. Another example of Spain's rising status as producer of quality horror films. )

11. The Last Man On Earth

Iit seem like Horror Hosts are the only people who recognize how good this movie really is... Probably because it's one of the best of the Public Domain movies, but anyways... While lacking in the pizazz of "Omega Man", this movie take a more somber approach to a vampire Apocalypse. Price killing vampires. Good stuff.)

12. The Frighteners

(Sure. People like this movie. But not enough people like this movie enough! This is the nexus of Peter Jackson's work - flexing his muscles as a director of "mainstream" films, while still showcasing the fun, quirkier spirit of his earlier works. It's also one of Maichael J. Fox's last performances before Parkinson's Disease curbed his acting career, and as far as I'm concerned, it's a pretty damn good swan song.)

13. Trick Or Treat**

(Family Tie's "Skippy" as a metalhead. Ozzy Osbourne as a Catholic Priest. Gene Simmons as a radio dj. Cheesy metal, cheesier F/X. This is a movie you'll watch with your friends to make fun of, but it will ultimately just have fun with.)

14. Event Horizon

(Lovecraft in space. Aliens-meets-Hellraiser. The only thing Jack Noseworthy ever did that didn't suck. Proves Latin is spooky. Spawned a crapload of bad rip-offs, but that's not its fault! If you play "Dead Space" you probably owe Paul W.S. Anderson money.)

15. Martyrs

(THIS is what's wrong with American audience - that this film could go unnoticed while "Saw PI" continually gets big numbers. More than any movie in the past 5 years, this movie left a brand upon my brain long after witnessing it. You have NO idea where this movie is heading, and you won't know fully what you've seen when you're done. This is BRUTAL. But more than that, its a powerful, highly compelling piece of cinema. WATCH IT.)


(Anyone who doesn't like this movie is a Douche.)

* Not to be confused with Chronenberg's classic "Shivers". Which I suppose could be considered underrated, too. (Release this on DVD already, damn it!)

**Not to be confused with the 2009 release, "Trick R Treat". Which I also enjoyed, and could also be underrated. But damn it, I can't list them all...!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hey Kiddies!

Have a question or comment fer yer Favorite Uncle? Then email him at, and he may read it ON-AIR!!!

Just be sure to title your email "HORRORSPONDENCE", so it doesn't get deleted with all the Penis Enlargement emails...!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This is seriously one of the coolest horror/genre/pop culture blogs out there. Check it out!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


We Have Moved Over to Blip TV!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Interview!

Hey Kiddies! There's a new interview with Yours Ghouly over at the amazingly awesome blog, Strange Kids Club! Read the interview, check out the columns and e-comics, and more!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hey folks - the clips from our second episode are up on Youtube! Check 'em out!

(Special Thanks to Sean Donahue, James Henry Dufresne, and Zach Wager for their fine, evil work!)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eerie Likes To Be - IN THE CAN!

As I write this, my tireless minions are near completion of the post-production on Episode 2 of "Uncle Eerie's Shiver Show". An episode that was conceived, written, performed, and edited in roughly 72 hours. Not bad fer an ol' one-eyed Ghoul!

One might be askin' - why the heck did you do a whole episode in 3 days??? Well the answer is simply that - we done screwed up!

Basically, the episode that was SUPPOSED to be the 2nd Episode just ran too long. Got a bit too big for our britches, and our ambitions got the better of us. 3 weeks in and we were only half-finished. So, instead of rushing to complete it, we shelved it in favor of doing a more stream-lined show. So we'll be getting back to the previous project in a couple of weeks.

And honestly, despite the hurried pace, I'm pretty darned proud of our new Number Two (I won't call ya into the bathroom to look at it, though...)

So - what movie are we showing? Weeeellll - yer just gonna have to wait and see!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hey Kids! You can now download the entire first episode HERE:

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Shiver Show Bonanza!

Howdy, y'all!

Boy oh boy - this has been one WILD month fer yer ol' Uncle Eerie and his creepy cohorts! So much has happened in the past 30 days, it's hard to know where to begin...!

But let's start with May 15th - a day that will truly live in INFAMY (for local PDXers, anyways)!

First off, we had a special live appearance by yours GHOULY, along with Dr. Z, Cousin Beau, Rose City Rudo, School Spirit, and The Monster Cheer Squad, as we entertained all of the Molly Ringworms and John Puss-sacks in attendance for the 3rd Annual "Pretty In Pieces" Portland Zombie Prom!!!

We drank, We danced, we told jokes, we waved giant metal phallic devices at hapless onlookers (don't ask), and all in all it was a glorious, Gore-ious good time for all involved! We're already looking forward to next year...!

Here's some photos...!


And - in a bizarre example of synchronicity - Sunday morning at midnight, the first episode of "UNCLE EERIE'S(MIDNIGHT) SHIVER SHOW" premiered on TVCTV Channel 21!!! The episode, "The Last Man On Earth" hit America (weeell, Washington County, OR), and response (from the 5 people watching Public Access television at midnight on a Sunday) was overwhelmingly positive. Three days later, The Shiver Show made it's Portland Metro debut on Comcast 11 and Verizon 22.

While the whole episode is not yet up online, you can catch clips from the show here:

AND - as a special surprise, this past week we premiered a special promo video for, which also signaled the first appearance by Uncle Eerie's friendly neighbor, Hook-Hand Hank! You can check out the clip here, too:

PLUS! Some exciting news about Shiver Show that are in the works:

*New Theme Song!!!
*Limited Edition Poster!!! (by artist Stacey Fullwiler)
*A Special Uncle Eerie Doll!!! (by Shannon Thompson Lucas)
*New Appearance in the soon-to-be-released Psychocharger video!!!

May is now officially, May Monster Madness"!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tune In, Turn On, DROP DEAD! The Shiver Show PREMIERES!

Howdy, folks! It's yer ol' Uncle Eerie, here.

Hey - guess what time it is?

It's time to lock up yer liquor cabinet, hide your teenage daughters, and bury yer dead! 'Cuz Something Wicked This Way Comes!

...Coming to yer television, that is!!!

That right, fright fiends - the time has come! This Saturday, UNCLE EERIE'S (MIDNIGHT) SHIVER SHOW premieres on TVCTV Channel 21! And a mere four days later, It premieres in the Portland area on both Comcast Channel 11 AND Verizon Channel 22!

For the first time in a very long time, the Portland area will be blessed with their own TV Horror Host!

Hmm? What the hell IS a Horror Host, you ask...? Well, shame on you for not knowing! But if you must know, a Horror Host is longstanding part of Television history, informally starring in 1954 with the premiere of Vampira on "The Vampira Show", and rising in popularity throughout the 60's and 70's with such legendary personalities as Zacherley and Ghoulardi. In recent years there has been a real resurgence of local hosts, with almost every state hosting a slew of hosts on local television. These are young men, women, and otherwise, who combine a wry sense of humor with an UNDYING love of the Schlocky, Bizzare world of B-grade Cinema. They televise from their castles, dungeons, or laboratories, usually with a hunchbacked assistant or sexy Gal Friday, and offer up endless puns and innuendos in between showing some of the worst movies ever made!

Now, Portland has had their share of horror hosts in the past, most notably the original host Tarantula Ghoul (read more about her HERE). And even recent hosts such as Baron Von Goolo and Swinging Scary Larry have done their "Ghoul Thang" locally. But Uncle Eerie promises to be the first Host in over two decades to bring you regular late-night programming, every month!

So, what can you expect to see on Uncle Eerie's Shiver Show?

Well, how about:

*MONSTERS! We've got swamp creatures, mutant apes, werewolves, zombies, and more!

*COMEDY! Bad Puns! Slapstick! Double Entendre! SPLATstick! Topical Humor! Worse Puns! We've got it all!

*DRAMA! Heartbroken gorillas! Boxing mummies! Robot Existentialism!

*Sex! See Uncle Eerie, Portland Most Eligible Butcher!

*MOVIES! Films slated to air soon: "Last Man On Earth", "Curse of Bigfoot", "The Manster", "Robot Vs. Aztec Mummy", and "I Drink Your Blood"!

So if you're the kind of creep that stays up late, looking for something to wile away the empty hours of your lonely existence - then look no further! Uncle Eerie is here to make the pain go away!


"Uncle Eerie's (Midnight) Shiver Show" airs on TVCTV Channel 21 this Saturday at 11:59pm (for the greater Washington Country area), and then for all you Portlanders - Premieres Wednesday May 19th 2:30 AM Comcast Chanenel 11, Verizon Channel 22. Check yer Local Listings!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hey Groovy Ghoulies!

So, this past Slaughterday, yer ol' Uncle Eerie and his Creepy Cohorts his the stage of the Hawthorne Theater for a special "teaser" performance of the SHIVER SHOW for the Toxic Zombie CD Release party!

Now - as usual, things were a mite bit...hectic, backstage. Finding body parts, signing death waivers, reanimating's enough to drive a madman madder!

But, finally the curtains were raised, the lights went up, and...


Seriously. We were great.

First up, we had my resident guitar-wailin' accompanist, Swampy Carl, a-strummin' and a-pickin' along. Then after an intro by my troublesome cousin Beau, I came out to an adorin' audience, who whooped and hollered like proper bunch o' maniacs should.

Then our first entertainer, the seductive Miss Devouria hit the stage to mesmerize the audience with her hypnotic bellydancin' ways. The crowd could barely contain their excitement - or their lunch!

By the time she was done the crowd was ready for a proper brainwashin by everyone's favorite Monster professor, Video Phantasmo!

BUUUUUT - before he could make his entrance, a minor issue with ol' Cousin Mongo forced me to momentarily take leave of the stage. And my dear, mischievous Grampa Mortis commandeered the stage. Oh, that sneaky Grampa! He took the opportunity to try his hand as a troubadour! With Swampy Carl on guitar, Grampa crooned his brand of not-so-easy listenin' to the crowd of bewildered youths. His budding musical career came to an abrupt end however, when his pelvic gyrations resulted in a fractured hip. Poor Mortis had to be carried off by Mongo before we could continue the show.

After all the hysteria, it was finally time for a special appearance, and a special treat for the audience - professor Phantasmo Video and his Trivia Of Terror!

Our esteemed Dean Of Screams brought a few goodies with him to offer the crowd. After pullin' a few willing victims from the crowd, Sr. Video proceeded to drill the hapless youths with a series of grueling zombie-related questions. that even the most diehard hard-for-the-dead would have trouble answering.

Finally, all the questions were answer, all the goodies were given out, and Phanstamso left the stage, to return to Parts Unknown from whence he came. The crowd wiped the sweat from brows and thanked the God of their choosing for the mental respite.

Speaking of over-stimulation - it was time for our final performer, and what better way to end the night than with a dose of raw HEXUALITY...??? And who better to deliver than the every dead man's dream - Miss Itty Bitty Bang Bang! She shook, she shimmied, she self-mutilated! The crowd stood, both enthralled and repulsed! By the time she was done, entrails flew, tears flowed, and hearts broke.

And then - that was it!

But trust yer dear Uncle Eerie, folks; if you missed the show, then you missed out, suckas!
All in all, it was a HORROR-bly good time had by all. I just hope Hawthorne Theater knows a decent home remedies for removing blood stains...!

And oh yeah! A few Special Thanks to:

*Shashonna Knecht (who made us all so purty, and took care of all our problems!)
*Toxic Zombie (Fer invitin' us along fer the wild ride!)
*Viktor Maddok (fer being the bestest sound-guy, ever!)
*The Unchained Girls (fer bein' so nice!)
*Dan The Impaler (Fer being a proper Horroregon!)
*The Dark Lord Moloch (our infernal allegiance to you, master!)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More nEWs!

More things on the on' Shiver Show plate: 

*Appearin' alongside my fellow Horror Hosts in the soon-to-be-premierin' music vid-ee-oh for "Blood Shock Kill Rock" by horror-rock maestros Psychocharger!  (Where IS the video, fellers, I can't wait no more...!!!).  It's bound to be straight HORROR-ble!


*A new series of Uncle Eerie comic book shorts are in the works!  Finally, I will be immora-lized in print! 

It's fun to be me, kiddies, yessiree!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Toxic Zombie Horror Show! See me & The Rest Of The Creeps LIVE!

Hey - here's My Commercial!

Forgot it post my Commerical! Where is my brain...? Oh, there it is, fell between the couch cushions!

Anyways - enjoy, fright fiends!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So Much To Do, So Much To Do...

Hey Kiddies - It's yer Horror-Fried Uncle Eerie here, again. Just thought I'd take a hot minute to let ya know about all the horrible happenin's going on down at the Shiver Shack.

First of all - UNCLE EERIE'S (MIDNIGHT) SHIVER SHOW is almost upon you! That's right - the first episode premieres at midnight on May 16th on TVCTV! That's late-night Saturday/early morning Sunday! We'll be showing the Vincent Price kind-of-classic, "The Last Man On Earth"! Be There Or Be Scared, boils and ghouls!

But before that - you will have a chance to catch the Shiver Show LIVE!!

April 17th at the Hawthorne Theater, as we bring our special brand of lunacy to the CD release party for Toxic Zombie's forthcoming CD, "Poison The Airwaves"! Join me, Gramps Mortis, Cousin Beau, Phantasmo Video and the rest of the maniacs as we bring you live monsters, dancing ghouls, creepy comedy, and more!

And also - there's a chance that yours truly might also make a special appearance as the host for a certain major live event happening soon...and while it's still in the works, I can tell you it's gonna be a BRAIN-EATING good time! Stay tuned for more demented details!

Whew! No rest for the wicked is right, my spooksters!

For more info, keep an peeled eyeball out here at HHPDX, or visit