Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So Much To Do, So Much To Do...

Hey Kiddies - It's yer Horror-Fried Uncle Eerie here, again. Just thought I'd take a hot minute to let ya know about all the horrible happenin's going on down at the Shiver Shack.

First of all - UNCLE EERIE'S (MIDNIGHT) SHIVER SHOW is almost upon you! That's right - the first episode premieres at midnight on May 16th on TVCTV! That's late-night Saturday/early morning Sunday! We'll be showing the Vincent Price kind-of-classic, "The Last Man On Earth"! Be There Or Be Scared, boils and ghouls!

But before that - you will have a chance to catch the Shiver Show LIVE!!

April 17th at the Hawthorne Theater, as we bring our special brand of lunacy to the CD release party for Toxic Zombie's forthcoming CD, "Poison The Airwaves"! Join me, Gramps Mortis, Cousin Beau, Phantasmo Video and the rest of the maniacs as we bring you live monsters, dancing ghouls, creepy comedy, and more!

And also - there's a chance that yours truly might also make a special appearance as the host for a certain major live event happening soon...and while it's still in the works, I can tell you it's gonna be a BRAIN-EATING good time! Stay tuned for more demented details!

Whew! No rest for the wicked is right, my spooksters!

For more info, keep an peeled eyeball out here at HHPDX, or visit